Matrix User Documentation

Another Matrix documentation project. I know, there are several however none of them aim to actually be a handbook for using Riot or any other clients. I would like for this to become a place where you can find “The (unofficial) Riot Handbook” or “The (unofficial) Quaternion Handbook” as well as a place where you can find answers to more of your FAQs. I’m still working on writing these but would love help from the community.

Even if this just ends up being a place for me to store my canned answers to Matrix related questions, I’ll consider that a success. I have tried to contribute to other related projects like matrix-knowledge-base but Coffee seems to be MIA at the moment.

You can view the most up to date version of the documentation online at (for some reason https isn’t quite working yet).

You can also download the documentation in HTML, PDF, or Epub formats from:

How to contribute

git clone

cd matrix-user-documentation

virtualenv -p python3 env
source env/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt

make livehtml

Make your changes and watch them at When you are ready to submit a pull request you can optionally run doc8 which will tell you if you have any style issues. The main thing to note is that the maximum line length for anything other than titles is 72 characters. If you don’t fix these style changes before you submit, I’ll fix them for you.

You can check for dead links with

make checklinks

Why does this use reStructuredText?

Yeah I know. I don’t really like it either but it turns out using Markdown for documentation isn’t a great idea.